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The Fallout - CD Single

Image of The Fallout - CD Single


The Fallout is the first single from Neodymium Project. This edition is limited to just 300 copies world-wide.

The song is also available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and other online retailers.

The stock has arrived and the CD-single is ready to ship for a special price!

The creative force behind the project is Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist, Sanjiv Sathiah from Sydney, Australia.

The Fallout was written and composed by Sanjiv Sathiah.


Rhythm Guitars & Bass Guitar: Sanjiv Sathiah

Contributing Artists:

Lead Guitar Solo: Steve Stevens
Vocals: Spencer Jones

Mixing: Ramesh Sathiah | Song Zu
Additional Mixing: Sanjiv Sathiah
Co-produced by Sanjiv Sathiah and Ramesh Sathiah
Mastering: Leon Zervos | Studios 301